4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Ugg!

by Ricky Han on January 02, 2022

Owning a pair of UGG sheepskin fur integrated snow boots, not only can catch up with the fashion trend, but also its elegant, noble features, let you attract more envious eyes! Of course, more importantly, comfortable and at ease! The following are the advantages of sheepskin fur integrated snow boots:

First, there is a gap between the fibers under the wool surface, forming a flowing air layer, which directly contacts our skin and feels particularly refreshing and comfortable.

Second, the wool layer with fine insulation is recognized as the best thermal insulation material. The materials of snow boots are made of sheepskin imported from Australia, which has excellent thermal insulation and air permeability, and can automatically adjust the temperature. In the external temperature range from minus 34 ° C to minus 27 ° C, even wearing ugg on bare feet can ensure the comfortable experience of feet to boots.

Third, moisture resistance: the superior integrated real sheep fur can absorb the moisture in the boots, automatically adjust and optimize the wearing environment in the boots. Therefore, whether in cold winter or hot summer, the feet can keep dry and comfortable.

Last but not least, health care wool has good air permeability, warmth retention and moisture resistance, and has good curative effect on arthritis and rheumatism.