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At Australian Shepherd, we love Australian sheepskin boots, apparel, and homewares. Sheepskin is soft, high stretch, water resistant, and has natural temperature control qualities… what’s not to love? We know our customers (and distributors) love genuine sheepskin products as much as we do. So, we offer sheepskin ugg boots and products at wholesale prices! Wholesale refers to the process of purchasing a large number of products at a low cost - often to retailers looking to stock up their stores. If you’re interested in placing a wholesale order with us, make sure to get in touch via We’d be more than happy to organise a wholesale order for you!


Genuine Australian sheepskin boots, homewares, apparel and more

Australia loves our sheepskin ugg boots, apparel and homewares because, well, we offer the best value for money in the industry! Our products are made from genuine Australian sheepskin and suede - perfect for winter wear, fashion lovers, and a casual-cool look all year round. Australian sheepskin has self cleaning properties and a natural water resistance, meaning our ugg boots and sheepskin products are made to last - no matter the use. Plus, we care about the sheep we get our sheepskin and wool from. The Australian sheepskin and wool industries implement the highest standards of animal welfare throughout the entire process. Despite all these valuable benefits, we offer low prices on our ugg boots, homewares, and apparel, because we want our customers to love the boots they’re in.


Cosy wholesale ugg boots as a corporate gift

Looking to give ugg boots as a gift? Whether it’s for business clients or employees, they’ll love a pair of nice, warm ugg boots from Australian Shepherd! Our wholesale offer is the perfect solution for purchasing gifts in bulk. A great alternative to chocolates and wine, ugg boots and slippers or scarves are snug and personal - made to fit each client or team member, they’ll appreciate the thought and effort you’ve put into their present. While we don’t provide gift wrapping, we can add special notes for each person. Wholesale ugg boots are also a fun addition to a school or university welcome pack, or a free gift for a hotel room stay. The opportunities are endless - everyone loves a pair of ugg boots! Just get in touch with the team at Australian Shepherd via to organise a corporate gift. We offer special discounts on corporate gifts and we can distribute them directly to the receiver’s address. Nice, warm ugg boots are a great way to show your appreciation!


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Loving the sound of our Australian sheepskin products? Get in touch with our team to organise an ugg boot wholesale order today. Together we can work out a deal and we’ll provide an attractive discount for your bulk orders. Contact us via now!

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